7bbf93928b358580a19a84d8c9a62e59f2bb9f4c.JPGOpen a VEHICLE Crate for a random 1 of the above vehicles!

This crate offers a high-value vehicle GUARENTEED! - all vehicles listed with equal chance!

- Ohio Submarine

- Sierra II Submarine
- Yellow Submarine


- Red Racing Car
- Purple Racing Car
- Yellow Racing Car


- Yellow Tractor
- Red Tractor
- Green Tractor


- Tiger Helicopter
- Apache Helicopter
- KA-52 Helicopter

- Copper Drill
- Iron Drill
- Golden Drill


- Low Quality Parachute
- Professional Parachute
- War Parachute

- Yamaha Sports Bike

*Crates are awarded automatically after purchase and may take up to 5 minutes from the point of sale to be actioned in game. In the unlikely instance that it does not arrive in your inventory, seek server Administrator assistance.
*Change of mind refunds are not accepted.
*Photos curtesy of Plugin Developer and Democracycraft. Images used for effect and may not represent the modified vehicle liveries on Democracycraft.

1x Vehicle Crate 29.95 USD View