Open a VALUE Crate for a random mix of 2 of the above items!

This value-for-money crate has a host of items to win - all with equal chance!

- Rare banner patterns!
- 8x Ore Blocks!
- Music disks!
- Enchanted books! Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Fortune III and more!
- A super stack of Bottle O' Enchanting XP Bottles!
- An Elytra!
- 5x Nether Stars!
- An ender chest!
- An Enchanting table!
- $500, $1000, $1500 denominations of bank notes!

*Crates are awarded automatically after purchase and may take up to 5 minutes from the point of sale to be actioned in game. In the unlikely instance that it does not arrive in your inventory, seek server Administrator assistance.
*Change of mind refunds are not accepted.

2x Value Crate
2.45 USD
6x Value Crate
6.95 USD
10x Value Crate
9.45 USD
20x Value Crate
16.95 USD