Open an CHRISTMAS Crate for a random mix of 2 of the above items!

Available in December only!

This HUGE crate has a host of rare and awesome items to win!

- Yellow Hoverbike!
- Speed Stick!
- Parachute!
- 3x Collectors Items!
- 8x Variants of 64x Tipped Arrows!
- Potion of Luck (Otherwise unobtainable in-game)!
- God Bow!
- God Sword!
- God Rod!
- God Trident!
- God Shovel!
- God Axe!
- God Pick!

- Knockback Hoe!
- A Beacon!
- A Totem of undying!
- Enchanted Book - Frost Walker II!
- Pigstep Music Disk!

- 3x Elf (Villager Eggs)

*Crates are awarded automatically after purchase and may take up to 5 minutes from the point of sale to be actioned in game. In the unlikely instance that it does not arrive in your inventory, seek server Administrator assistance.
*Change of mind refunds are not accepted.

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